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Pen Pals: Do you ever laugh out loud when you collect your mail?

he Photo Pocket PostcardTM is easy to use & super strong to help protect photos in transit. Create your own real post card by inserting a Photo, sealing the Pocket and mailing your personal photo Postcard!

Accepts any regular or digital 4 x 6 photo.

Please use a letter rate stamp. 

In the coming weeks we'll be putting together a number of fun examples of uses for the photo pocket postcard and we'll post some user comments.


Made in the USA
US patent number 6260886
Other patents pending
Photo Fits,
228 N. Rohlwing Road,
Palatine, IL 60074

Photo Fits is grateful to the Hall Mark Corporation who assisted with the design of our counter top display units. Hall Mark Corporation are marketing products experts in Chicago.

Photo Fits is an Eco-Friendly company and makes use of Fluid Dynamics scale prevention solutions, including their Housetron product which is a water softener alternative for the home, no salt, no chemicals, no electricity, fit and forget. The product works well and prevents scale build up in new systems and gradually descales systems that were previously untreated.

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"...this is a great product! I love sending these things. EVERY time I send one I get a call thanking me. Now I'm receiving them as well, I actually look forward to checking the mail !"

Janet R, IL

"What fun! I like printing out funny pics and mailing them with a one liner. My friends and family love getting them"

Kathy W, CA

"My mother lives in Florida and does not use a computer so this is a great way for me to send her photos. Why didn't I think of this?"

Cathy H, IL

"I received them today. They're great! Thanks for the quick delivery"

Mary B, NY